About the project

We feel that change is more and more urgent, so that we can find our own natural being and live in harmony with nature again. We would like to encourage as many people as possible that it’s never too late to act in order to have a greener future.

That’s why We started collecting trash and spending as much time as possible in nature. Our heart sinks when I see more and more forest fires and wildlife dying. The land, water and air are polluted. I am aware that I cannot save the entire Earth. However, by supporting our work, you enable as many people as possible to unite for the Earth.

We have created a collection that shows trees from a different perspective. The trunk and bark of a tree tell us a lot about its life, but it is primarily a protective function, symbolizing the true purpose of the collection: to protect and plant trees.
By purchasing these photos, you allow us to carry forward the value that ShunDreamers represents and support the values of nature. By purchasing this collection, you will be planting the tree species shown in the photo.

Betula pendula-Birch

The birch has been a sacred tree since ancient times. A symbol of the beautiful Norse goddess Freya, it was revered as a sacred tree in ancient cultures. A symbol of the awakening spring, its precious sap is tapped at this time of year.
It has many medicinal properties, including blood purification and diuretic effects.

Fagus sylvatica-Beech

Beech wood has been used as a natural remedy since ancient times, especially its leaves used as a decoction to cure flu, bronchitis, pharyngitis and as an anti-diarrhoeal agent.
It is one of the tree species with the strongest energy, an expression of confidence and serenity. It helps to overcome fears, worries, fatigue and moodiness. Its energy creates a positive flow of thoughts, makes you expansive and encourages a constant sense of purpose. It is beneficial for neck pain.

Larix decidua-Red pine

The pine tree (Fura or Fyra in Old Norse) has sacred symbolism in many cultures. It symbolises wisdom, longevity, fertility and life itself. Among the Vikings, pine trees were decorated on the winter solstice to celebrate the rebirth of Frey, the sun god. Tea made from pine needles is high in vitamin C, which supports the immune system and helps to renew the body and mind in spring.

Quercus robur-Oak

The oak tree is a sacred symbol of the Greeks, Romans and Celts.
Its strength and hardness make it a symbol of immortality. The tall tree, which attracts lightning, has been associated with gods such as Zeus and the Norse Thor. The Celts considered it to be the world axis, the tree of life, mediating between heaven and earth. Its tannin-rich leaves, bark and acorns were used as a primary astringent by the ancient Greeks.
The leaves are made into a stomachic and diuretic tea. A decoction of its bark is a good remedy for diarrhoea, dysentery, cystitis and tracheitis.


Donation to the Nft collection to plant more trees

You can buy the collection through OpenSea

DonateDonation for the life of trees

Buy a special print in a wooden frame

This option is only available in Hungary to reduce the environmental impact of transport

Details coming soonDonation for a tree portrait

How do we prove that we have planted the tree?

Once the donation has been received, the tree will be planted depending on the weather and the time it takes to get it.

Each tree planting will be documented with photos and videos which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. If you are a Hungarian supporter, you can personally participate in the planting.

check the proofEither option will support the planting of one tree.

Track the development of the trees

It is important for us to monitor the development of the tree after planting, so we can also monitor the health and growth stage of the planted trees by using the exact location.

Finding the right place for the tree