Amazing virtual fireworks in Seatle

Frankly, we haven’t really been moved by the main holidays of the calendar for a while now, and that includes New Year’s Eve. This year, we ducked in and watched Disney/Pixar’s latest movie Soul, which you’ll read our review of soon. 🙂

However, in Seatle, at the Space Needle lookout (which tends to be iconic at this time every year), this year, due to the epidemic, they celebrated the last minutes of the year in an unusual way, which despite our lack of interest in New Year’s Eve, we’d like to report on for three reasons:


The entire light show was created using Virtual Sky Mapping technology, a combination of AR (Augmented Reality) and CGI (Computer-generated imagery). If the previous one sentence was too much of an alien term, the bottom line is this: this magnificent work of art was not visible to the naked eye!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

It could only be viewed through a display on various devices, if there were no curfew. Instead, it was only streamed, but in real time, presumably using the new 5G technology, as the show was sponsored by T-Mobile. We don’t want to take a position on this, but there are undoubtedly some uses for 5G that could replace the ‘tried and tested’ celebrations in the future. 

Imagine for a moment being able to watch the most spectacular fireworks show you’ve ever seen, either from the comfort of your home or on location, without light, air or noise pollution!


Ami viszont még ennél is érdekesebb, az maga a tartalom. A műsor ugyanis telis-tele volt káprázatosabbnál káprázatosabb szimbolikus elemekkel. Volt itt a szakrális geometriára való utalás metatron kockával, a december 21-i vízöntőkorba történő megérkezéssel kapcsolatos jelenetek, valamint olyan pillanatok amelyek akár egy sci-fi film földönkívüli kapcsolatfelvétel képkockái is lehettek volna. (Utóbbiról sokaknak egyből a NASA állítólagost Blue Beam Project-je jutott egyből eszébe)

Mi most inkább meg sem kíséreljük a látottak elemezgetését, ki-ki járjon utána saját kedve szerint vajon mit is szeretett volna üzenni a “költő”. 🙂

But what is even more interesting is the content itself. The show was full of more and more dazzling symbolic elements. There was reference to sacred geometry with the metatron cube, scenes of the arrival of the age of Aquarius, and moments that could have been frames from a sci-fi film’s extraterrestrial contact (the latter immediately brought to mind NASA’s so-called Blue Beam Project).

For now, we will not attempt to analyse what we have seen, let everyone find out for themselves what the “poet” wanted to say. 🙂

The Creators

What could make it more interesting? Well, because when you get to the end of the video, it turns out that we Hungarians made this!
To be more precise (together with another Hungarian team), the artists of Global Illumination who have been making the visuals for the O.Z.O.R.A. (and S.U.N. :)) festival, one of the biggest festivals internationally, for years.

This post is NOT sponsored, we just want to anonymously congratulate to the creators as we have seen their work at festivals ourselves and because we are trying to grow in digital/virtual art.

But enough of that, check out the video now called The Dream 😉